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At inCucine, we provide quality European cabinetry and furnishings to homeowners, developers, designers and architects. Based on many years of experience and thorough market research, we have decided to partner with the well-established Italian cabinet manufacturer, Stosa Cucine.

Quality, Tradition and Price Power, these are the ingredients that, wisely mixed, allowed Stosa Kitchens to tune the “Right Recipe” to obtain an excellent product and to achieve an important position in today’s market.

Quality doesn’t mean only good products; for Stosa Kitchens it means also deep design research, technology and model expansion, supported by steady productive investments. The result is continuous production efficiency, high quality and outstanding value.

Price Power
Build kitchens ensuring the best Quality / Price return. Where every product meets a reasonable expense, without overcharging. We provide an open pricing system without any hidden or unexplained costs, allowing for simple budgeting and value engineering.

By over 40 years, behind every Stosa Kitchen model, you can find all the passion and authenticity of a family, the one of the president Maurizio Sani, that, together with his sons David, Mauro and Leonardo, successfully drive the company to rising horizons.

Home owners, our cabinetry has all the latest features that you expect to make your kitchen as convenient and as efficient as possible in today’s busy world. The range of finishes and door styles available is second to none and we are sure to have a kitchen to meet your needs at a price that will be very pleasantly surprising. Please call us for a free estimate.

Developers, we can provide high-quality European cabinets for your project at a very competitive price. You can now offer your clients that high-end product at a price that fits the budget. In addition, our management team will work with you through every step of design, procurement and installation to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds the expectations of your client.

Architects and Designers, we can help you through the process of developing time-consuming drawings and layouts. We can offer AutoCAD floor plans and elevations for you to drag-and-drop into your drawings for accuracy and better visual concepts.

Stosa Kitchens Look System

Look System

Stosa Kitchens Contemporary Collection


Stosa Kitchens Modern Collection


Stosa Kitchens Classic Collection





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