SplinterWorks strive to enrich the lives of the users, enhancing their environment and elevating the experience of everyday life. Their aim is to create sculptural installations, that are individual, thought-provoking, aesthetically beguiling, intelligently and seamlessly functional which have wit and resonance.

SplinterWorks have a particular affinity with developing work that re-thinks how we prepare, cook and experience food. Casting aside preconceptions, they reconsider the visual, ergonomic and practical considerations and offer a new resolution. Their work facilitates a new environment for living, a sociable platform which centers around the participation and pleasure of consumption. They bring the activities of the kitchen out of the grid shaped room at the back of the house and into the living areas creating works to be enjoyed socially, physically and visually.

SplinterWorks pieces are all handmade, and they revel in working with extraordinary materials; mirror polished stainless steel, copper, Jesmonite, concrete, lacquers, marbles and varieties of woods, and are constantly exploring new ways to realize projects.


SplinterWorks Website

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